Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) play a significant role in the economic growth and create jobs in the economy. Despite high enthusiasm and inherent capabilities to grow, they have traditionally been facing some constraints - including lack of adequate & timely finance. While bank assistance in itself takes reasonably long time, expecting equity contribution from investors is a much bigger challenge.


Performance & Credit Rating- this rating service which covers various indicators encompassing the financial, business, operational and management aspects of MSEs. MSEs will receive a rating which will highlight strengths and weaknesses of existing operations.

Tangible Benefits:

  • 75% subsidy in rating fee by NSIC
  • Facilitates quicker and cheaper bank finance for rated MSEs (Backed by circulars from Nationalized banks)
  • Helps MSEs obtain leverage from the parties in the supply chain

  • Intangible Benefits:

  • Self-benchmarking tool to reach next level of performance.
  • Wider recognition & acceptance as the rating is published on website & bulletins
  • Acts as marketing tool with banks and business partners to build credibility


    SME Rating is an issuer-specific, one-time assessment of the credit worthiness in comparison with other SMEs. It depicts overall debt-management capability of the entity. The rating takes into account management capability, industry dynamics, operational performance, financial risk and future prospects for arriving at overall risk profile.

    Benefits to the Issuers:

  • An Independent third – party opinion about credit worthiness.
  • Facilitates better SMEs to differentiate themselves from other SMEs.
  • Comparatively faster access to bank funding at appropriate terms of lending. Can be used as an instrument for self – improvement as it helps in benchmarking.
  • Enables establishment of credibility with other stake holders – customers, suppliers.
  • Increased visibility as rating outcome would be posted on Infomerics's website and in publication.